The New Generation of Pedal Boards

The ProFX™ Pedal Board is a very convenient way to organize, protect and transport your guitar and bass effects pedals.

The design protected ProFX™ Moveable Mounting Surface provides a strong, flat mounting surface for pedals which can be easily angled for ease of playing, and stored flat for transportation. This unique design significantly reduces the height of the Pedal Board while accommodating larger pedals such as Wah’s, Loopers etc.

Pedals can be mounted anywhere on the mounting surface using the high quality Hook & Loop (3.3ft/1M is supplied) or the optional mounting brackets which are fixed to the mounting surface and grip the pedals on their side providing a very secure way to mount pedals without having to remove bumpers and feet.

With ProFX™ Pedal Boards you can undo the catches, remove the lid, plug in your guitar, amp and power supply and you’re ready to play.