The ProFX™ Pedal Board

Our standard board comes in our Filmore Black case with a red board for mounting pedals. The red board is designed to give optimum contrast on stage so your pedals are clearly visable on all occasions

Many musicians use more than one board. Perhaps an acoustic set-up and an electric one. With the ProFX™ board, you don't need to buy a separate case, just puchase a separate red board insert and switch them out when needed.

Our stand color is Filmore Black but we have GoGo Red and Marquee Silver available at a small extra charge.


The ProFX™ Pedal Boards come in 4 convenient model sizes:

Minimus Media Magnus Gigus
Exterior Dimensions W18" x D15" x H5" W24" x D15" x H5" W28" x D15" x H5" W33" x D15" x H5"
Interior Dimensions W17" x D15" x H5" W23" x D15" x H5" W27" x D15" x H5" W32" x D15" x H5"
Weight 11 lb 14 lb 15 lb 17 lb


Minimus Media Magnus Gigus
Exterior Dimensions W45.75cm x D38.1cm x H12.7cm W60.9cm x D38.1cm x H12.7cm W71.2cm x D38.1cm x H12.7cm W83.82cm" x D38.1cm x H12.7cm
Interior Dimensions W43.18cm x D38.1cm x H12.7cm W58.42cm x D38.1cm x H12.7cm W68.58cm x D38.1cm x H12.7cm W81.28cm x D38.1cm x H12.7cm
Weight 4.99 kg 6.35 kg 6.80 kg 7.71 kg