Mounting Kit

The best way to mount your pedals to the ProFX pedal board or any other wood based pedal board! Instead of using big pieces of Velcro on the bottom of your pedal, or plastic cable ties, securely mount your pedals using brackets and Velcro. Position the pedal where you want it, place and press the bracket against the side of the pedal for the Velcro to connect, and then screw the bracket to the mounting surface. The holes in the brackets are slotted to allow adjustment and easy pedal removal when needed.

By using the brackets you can easily and securely mount heavy pedals such as Wah and Volume without having to remove the feet. The base of pedals will not be damaged by Velcro because the mounting is done on the side and not the base.

The ProFX pedal mounting kit contains enough angled brackets, Velcro and screws to mount 6 pedals based on using 2 brackets for each pedal. Note Wah and Volume usually need 3-4 brackets to hold them securely.